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slit camera photo Space and Science Gallery
digital retouching 3-d charcacter animation

Images taken by passing film by a thin slit at the film plane.

Digital Art Gallery
Computer Generated Art Retouched Imagery
Space and Science Gallery
Images of Eclipses and Astronomy Phenomenon
3-D Character Animation
Animation excercises Generated in Maya 5

Scott Maiden Gallery Notes

The photographic images in this gallery are shot in the traditional manner using silver halide films. The landscape gallery is comprised of images taken with a 4x5 Wista field camera and a Canon F1 35 mm camera. A variety of films were used. All are positive transparencies. The majority of the shots were done on Fuji Velvia ISO 50, with a few being Kodak 100 and Agfa 50.

The images were scanned using a drum scanner. There was very little retouching done on any image in the landscape and linear strip galleries. Minor scratches and dust were removed using the clone tool in Adobe Photoshop. Anything with extensive digital retouching has been placed in the digital art gallery to reflect the fact that the artistic emphasis was achieved by using digital retouching technology.

All the images in these galleries are copyrighted original works by Scott Maiden, and are protected by United States and international copyright law.

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